Web Development-The Process

The web development process starts with you. Take a look at our First Steps page. Develop goals and objectives for your website. Spend some time surfing the internet with a critical eye toward format and style. Look at your competitors web sites and note what works for you and what doesn't.

Now, that you have a sense of what you want, it's time to find a web developer. Talk to friends and business associates, look in the phone book, search the web and get the names of a half dozen developers. Look at their web sites and the web sites of their clients. Contact their clients and ask them about their experience with their web developer.

When you look at the work of a particular web developer, you may not like the style of any of the web sites that they have produced. This is not important. A good web developer can produce a web site in any style to match their clients likes and needs. So what is important?

  • Have they produced a variety of different layouts and designs? Or, does it look like they are using cookie cutter templates?
  • Are their web sites easy to navigate?
  • Does everything work? Are there broken links? Do the navigation buttons work? Do the forms work correctly?
  • How is the language? Are there spelling errors? Are there grammatical errors?
  • Do their websites look and function the same in all of the major browsers? Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Opera. These can all be downloaded for free so that you can check.
  • Are their web pages in compliance with standards or are they full of coding errors and warnings? To check this go to the W3C validation service.

In short, you want a web developer who is technically competent, is conscientious and thorough, demonstrates the flexibility to meet the client's likes and needs, and in general produces a quality product. This may seem like a lot of work on your part. But, remember that thousands of people, your customers, are going to see and hopefully use your web site.

Now that you have narrowed your field of potential web developers, it is time to interview them, preferably in person, but at least by telephone. Are they on time? Are they prepared? Are they proud of their work? Can they explain things in your language or do you have to wade through a lot of techno-babble? Do they seem to be more interested in the sale or in developing a long term relationship with you? Is this a person you can work with?

DDGraphics WebMedia takes pride in our customer service. We will teach you what you need to know. We will counsel you on what works and what doesn't. We will offer our opinions about style, graphics, fonts, colors, etc. But the choices are all yours. You know your business and your customers far better than we ever will. We look forward to working with you to help you grow your business.