Merchant Services

DDGraphics WebMedia is a reseller of merchant services from one of the largest and oldest credit card processing services in the U.S., Electronic Clearing House, Inc.

We offer processing services for the following:
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You can process your customers credit card, debit card, and check transactions through

  • Your on-line shopping cart. Payment processing is fully integrated in our on-line shopping cart.
  • POS terminals. We sell a complete line of new and refurbished POS terminals and supplies with 24 hour repair / replacement.
  • Touch tone telephone processing
  • Virtual terminal processing over the internet
  • PC processing. Add a card swipe to your PC.
  • Electronic Batch Processing. Enter your days credit card transactions into your favorite spread sheet program and upload the batch for processing.
  • Recurring Payment Processing. Set up your customers monthly payments once. The transaction occur on the schedule that you set. Great for memberships, subscriptions, etc.

All transactions are processed with state-of-the-art security, protecting the cardholder, the merchant and the ISP from fraud.

By combining your in-store and internet processing into one merchant account you can enjoy the feature-rich on-line reporting that keeps you on top of all of your transactions.

DDGraphics WebMedia offers very competitive processing rates and prices on POS terminals and supplies. Rates vary depending on the type of business, average ticket price, and average monthly volume. Please contact us for a quote.