Event Scheduling

Do you have sales events, book signings, speaking engagements, seminars, charity events, races, contests, or other events that you need to keep your customers informed about? Do you want to pay your web master to add new events to your web site and or new information about an event? Does your event require your customers to register because of limited seating? Does your event require a registration fee?

An Event Scheduling system gives you the ability to manage your events yourself. Your event web page can be a simple listing of upcoming events or can include seating charts, registration forms, and credit card payments for tickets.

The back end of the Event Scheduling system allows you to enter information about the event, time, place, sponsor, fee, etc. and a description of the event. The event Scheduling module can be tied into your Customer Management module to give you the capability of producing a list of customers that will be attending an event or have attended a similar event in the past. This gives you a marketing tool to send mail or email invitations or notices to you customers.

DDGraphics WebMedia has developed a core Database driven Event Scheduling module that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. To find out how an Event Scheduling system can help your business or organization, please contact us for more information.