What is a Database?

A database is a sophisticated filing system that maintains predefined relationships between various data elements.

Suppose you wanted to file information about customers and information about customer purchases. In a traditional paper filing system, you would fill in the customer information, shipping information, and sales information on a form and perhaps file the form alphabetically by customer name. If the same customer made multiple purchases over time, you would continue to put all of the customer information on every form.

In a database the customer information is stored in one file and the sales information is stored in a separate file. The information for each customer is entered only once and each customer is assigned a number. The sales records are entered using only the customer number to refer back to the customer file.

This database methodology saves data entry time and storage space and allows your web site to retrieve information more quickly. It also allows you to ask questions about your sales, such as which product did I sell the most of, and get the answer more quickly because the system only needs to read through the sales information.

Fast data storage and retrieval is essential to a web site On-line databases can grow to billions of records. Database technologies provide the ability to retrieve information from even very large databases in seconds.

DDGraphics WebMedia builds all of our web sites that require storage and retrieval of information using database technology. We believe that all of the web sites that we build should be optimized to provide information to the users as quickly as possible. We have the technical capability and experience to work with many proprietary database technologies including MS Access, MSSQL, Oracle, and IBM's DB2 and the open source database MySQL. Our preferred database technology is MySQL as it was designed specifically for use with internet applications.

If you have any questions about database technologies and how they can help your internet business please contact us. We will be glad to help.