Customer Management

A customer management system is primarily a database that stores information about your customers and gives you the ability to search for a particular customer or group of customers.

Customer information gets put into your customer information database by one of three methods:

  • Purchases by customers through your e-commerce web site
  • Customers filling out a contact form on our web site
  • Customers you manually enter into your Customer Information System

You may have non-internet customers that you would like to add to your customer management system. These may be customers in your store, customers that buy goods from you at craft fairs, etc. You should have the capability to manually add, edit, and delete customers and customer information. This allows you to keep all of your customer information in the same place.

Your customer management system should allow you to produce a sorted listing of your customers. You should be able to sort by name, address, zip, state, etc. You should be able to filter your customer list to select only customers from a zip code range, or from a state, or only internet customers, or only customers who have purchased a specified volume of product. This lets you to targeted marketing.

Once you have your sorted and filtered your customer list, you will want to either print mailing tables or send bulk email to your customers to announce sales and promotions or upcoming events.

DDGraphics WebMedia has developed a core internet based customer management system that is integrated into our e-commerce system or can be used as a stand alone system. We will tailor our customer management system to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.