About Us

DDGraphics WebMedia brings over 60 years of practical business and computer experience to the development and maintenance of your web site. Yeah, we are a couple of "old" guys who still enjoy jazz, rock & roll, skiing, the great outdoors, and photography.

We have worked in many different industries over the course of our careers. This life experience enables us to understand your business needs and to translate the techno-babble into your language.

As teachers, we have the patience to explain how the web works, how search engines work, and how web sites are built and tested.

As consultants, we help you discover your likes and dislikes, your business needs, and help you define and achieve your goals.

As web designers, we layout web pages, develop graphics, and choose colors and fonts based on your likes and dislikes and business needs.

As technicians, we develop the code and databases that are required to make your web site work smoothly and efficiently. We through test your web site to ensure that there are no broken links and that all of the code works as it should.

Allan Douglas started DDGraphics WebMedia in 1999 to develop a web site for his wife's thriving clothing manufacturing business, Deer Hill Fleece. Allan has added clients and gained web development experience on a part time basis over the last several years. In 2004, Allan and Jim Drawe joined forces and began developing web sites full time, adding products and services and growing DDGraphics WebMedia.

Allan Douglas

Allan began his professional career as a computer operator and programmer in the late 1960's. In the early 70's he changed his career & began working in the ski industry. Over the 30 years he was in that field he worked in a variety of positions and became the general manager of two cross-country ski areas and one down-hill ski area. He also owned & operated a chimney sweep company for 8 years. Allan has been involved with other industries, including trucking, extermination, real estate, and sales of skiing and biking equipment.

Jim Drawe

Jim obtained his education from the University of Maryland with a major in Information Systems Management and minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting, and Economics. He began his career as a programmer in the banking industry and spent 18 years as a project manager developing banking software and managing bank mergers. Jim left the banking industry in the late 90's to pursue a career as a computer consultant. His clients have included KayBee Toys, Gateway Computers, The Wall Street Journal, NYS Department of Labor, and the NYS Department of Education.